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India offers holidays for every taste and requirement. From the tropical South to the mighty Himalayas in the North, the climate, flora, and fauna cover every possibility. The ecolological diversity is unmatched anywhere in the World, while more than 3000 years of history have left a cultural diversity illustrated by the more than 80 languages each spoken by more than a million people. Holidays include the resorts on palm fringed beaches of Goa and South India. Mountain holidays can be taken in the Himalayas and the tropical rain forests of the South, with their tea and spice gardens.
Cruising on the Kerala backwaters in traditional houseboats is a unique experience. Wildlife safaris to see the elephants, tigers, and the many endemic birds making their annual migration are available throughout the regions. Spa and Ayurvedic centres by the sea, in the relaxing backwaters, and in the mountains offer relaxation and rejuvenation. The cultural and heritage includes fascinating temples, forts, and cities, many of which are the same today as they were 2000 years ago. The 27 World Heritage Locations (with a further 31 sites submitted) in India are another indication of the wonderful possibilities.
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