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Dubai is simply a different experience. It is the most rapidly growing city in the world, and has deliberately focused on tourism as a driver of its economy. The hotels are among the best, with a range from simple to super-luxury, with many having a wonderful local atmosphere and charm. Dubai is the perfect stop-over for holidays in India and Indian Ocean destinations. The hotel choice is outstanding with many opulent resorts offering unrivalled beach, pool, dining and shopping and Spa facilities. Among the many activities available are ice-skating and skiing, bowls, cruises and dhow charters, golf, skydiving, dune safaris, exhibitions, museums, yoga and martial arts, climbing, and ballooning. Diving and snorkelling can be arranged in nearby Oman.
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Dubai Resort

DUBAI has many of the World's top resorts along the beach area. The minimum 8 hours sunshine per day, the minimum temperature of 23 degreed C, and the very low rainfall make it a perfect place to relax by the beach and pool for most of the year. The resorts have every desirable facility, with luxurious rooms, unique furnishings and many different restaurants.
Dubai Hotel

DUBAI has many activity holidays, some of which are surprising such as skiing, ice skating, and Formula 1 racing. Others are perfect for this climate, including Ayurveda and Spas, cruises and dhow charters, golf, skydiving, and dune safaris. The resorts have the best equipped gyms and spas for yoga and wellness programs.

Dubai is a perfect location to make a stop over for a few days. Many of the best flights to South India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives change planes in Dubai, so having a stop over helps with the jet lag and reduces fatigue. Dubai is now probably the largest flight hub for flights from Europe to Asia, so making the stop over is easy and relatively cost free. The unique resorts, cultural activities and shopping make the short stay well worth while.
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